As one brandname of helmets manufacturing Nikko Helmets was established in 1990 , owned and invested by Taiwanese people with two factories. Our factories have been approved for  ISO9001 : 2000,The one factory in China, is located near the Shanghai International Airport within forty minutes drive, which is with the advantage of convenience transportation And in eye-pleasing surrounding.

The factory has an area of 95,000 square meter and there are 400employess in number. We map out an increase to 1000 employees. Attributing to 30years experience manufacturing broad varieties of customers and hold continual 5% growth annually in market share. Furthermore, we are also providing ODM/OEM service for many well-known companies worldwide. Our products are designed and manufactured by using a quality-control system recognizes by International Standard.

The lasts computer control equipment which is made in Germany,Sweden, Japan, Italy and Taiwan contribute to reliable and precise performance. The quality of our products are ensured by comprehensive testing equipment(Italy),and meet the level of ECE 22/05, Snell M2005, AS, SG, CPSC, CE and Snell B-95.

Carbon Fiber Kevlar(CFK), outer shell of motorcycle helmets, is featured by its light weight And compact hardness. Normally 1.8 thickness is enough to meet specified Snell M2005.

Presently, we use the most high-tech machinery to fabricate the layout.  And use router to make the fiducially mark.

Nikko Helmets is your best choice to cooperate with and can help enforce your competition and raise grade image in market segment.PC and ABS motorcycle helmet.

Our annual output for helmets made in this material reaches 90,0000pcs and major Markets extend widely in Japan, American, Europe, Australia and Latin America.

With the success of market penetration and customers satisfaction, our turnover And output turn out a stable growth every year.




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