The SPARTAN proposes the most advanced technologies, used on the hyper sport helmets of the mark, to offer spartan lorenzo white shark silver you an optimal experience on road used. Among the numerous characteristics and innovations of this model let us note in particular:

- its last generation fiberglass shell, offering an exceptional aerodynamics and which guarantee you a maximal resistance as well as a very mastered general volume of the helmet
- its innovative system of ventilation, which regulates effectively the internal temperature thanks to a double spoiler with extractors of air behind the helmet
- the "Autoseal" mechanism of screen, which assures a perfect tightness from air and water
- the side fixations of the screen, totally integrated, allowing an activate reduction of any dynamic noise and whistlings
- the comfort optimized by a natural microfibers lining

With such a design, at the same time innovative and very sports, and of such technical characteristics, the SPARTAN is inevitably going to stand out as an inescapable reference for the most requiring pilots.

Technical characteristics: 3 SPARTAN Replica Lorenzo White
- Helmet in multiaxial fiberglass
- 2 Shell sizes
- Clear screen with anti-scratches treatment
- Mechanism of screen "Autoseal" which sticks the screen on the helmet, allows a better sound damping and makes it tight (water and cold)
- Fast and easy change of the screen without tool
- Internal solar screen UV380 treated anti-scratches
- Delivered with 1 PINLOCK MAX VISION: anti-fog lense recovering the completeness of the vision field
- Ventilation system optimized by double rear spoiler
- EASYFIT system for corrective glasses
- Comfortable in microfibers antibacterial lining, removable and washable shark helmet full face spartan lorenzo white shark
- Removable anti-stir bib and protection of nose
- Compatible with the system of Shark Bluetooth communication (optional)
- Jugular with Double-D buckle
- Delivered with its cover
- Weight: 1390 gr +/-50g

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