With the new SKWAL 2 helmet, SHARK proposes an hyper complete product and offers more a real innovation in term of safety, thanks to a system of integrated LEDs. skwal 2 sykes replica red

This sports road helmet is first of all designed to offer an excellent versatility by integrating the best of the technology developed by the French manufacturer: a light and resistant injected resin shell, a new "Autoseal" mechanism of screen  which assures a perfect waterproofness from air, water as well as a bigger sound insulation, the clear screen with anti-scratch treatment delivered with 1 PINLOCK anti-fog lense, an optimized aerodynamics by CFD study and a double integrated solar screen.

But the big novelty of the SKWAL 2 lives in the integration of 3 LEDs situated on its ventilations in a new design for a better visibility: chin strap, frontal and rear spoilers, which you can light or put out at will. When you activate them, the present translucent outlines around the ventilations are transformed into brilliant bands assuring then a maximal visibility by the other road users. The system of LED works with an integrated, invisible and refillable battery. The recharging is made by USB port. It offers an autonomy of 5 hours in continuous functioning and of 10 hours in twinkling mode.
An innovation both regarding design as sacurity.

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Technical characteristics:
- Helmet in injected thermoplastic resin
- Aerodynamic profile optimized by CFD study
- 1 Shell size
- Clear screen with anti-scratch treatment
- Mechanism of screen "Autoseal" which sticks the screen on the helmet, allows a better sound damping and makes it tight (water and cold)
- Rapid Antifog System: opening of the screen in position net of air, easy of use
- Fast and easy change of the screen without tool
- Internal solar screen treated anti-scratch
- 3 integrated LEDs: with position On/Off at the level of the ventilations of chin, forehead and rearskwal 2 sykes replica red back
- PINLOCK Max Vision: anti-fog lense recovering the completeness of the vision field
- Easyfit system: grooves to slide your glasses
- Inside in bamboo fibers (antibacterial, anti-sweating and hypo-allergenic) completely removable and washable
- Removable anti-stir bib and protection of nose
- Compatible with the system of Shark Bluetooth communication (optional)
- Jugular with micrometric buckle
- Delivered with its cover of transport
- Weight: 1450 gr (+/-50 gr)




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