The Italian manufacturer FALCO stands out in the manufacture of motorcycle boots using exclusively the smart Oxygen
polymer d3o , developed and used in winter sports and the military industry. It is composed of intelligent molecules that absorb the energy of the impact. Its support at the malleoli level significantly reduces any negative pressure. 

This new Falco 317 OXEGEN 2 WTR boot has been designed for versatile use on the road as well as in circuit training. 
In addition to a decidedly sporty look, the 317 OXEGEN 2 WTR boots are very comfortable and technically very advanced.
THE PLUS PRODUCT: they are 100% waterproof. 



  •  High rod boot 
    - Stem micro-synthetic 
    - Reinforcements on the tibia, heel and calf 
    - Ventilation system "Hexagon" in the tibia, heel and calf 
    - Insert d3o Intelligent Shock Absorption at the malleoli 
    - Membrane "High-Tex" fully waterproof thanks to a thermo-welded inner liner 
    - removable Zinc-Black Slider 
    - Zip closure + Velcro flap
  • - Special rubber sole 
  • - CE approved 


oxegen 2 air sole